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21 Problems Only Girls With Long Hair Understand.

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These Problems May Seem Small To Others But To Girls With Long Hair They Are Down Right Annoying!

Long hair is sexy, feminine and a real turn on to men. We can toss our heads and swirl our hair and imagine we look like something out of the movies or on the front cover of a magazine but for all it’s worth there are some moments when having long hair can be down right annoying and in some cases dangerous.

hair in comb

If you go onto Facebook their are many blogs dedicated to Long Hair problems. After reading many and I mean many, I found that some I had laughed at and related to and others had me thinking long and hard about whether I had actually encountered that problem. All I know is that girls with long hair may look like they have it all going on but what we don’t see is the little things that make having long hair a nightmare.

Here are the top problems that only girls with long hair understand (according to girls with long hair) 

1. Catching my hair in the car door.If you have long hair, you know what I’m talking about. I’m running to the car in an effort to get out of the wind and avoid the “Cousin It” look and suddenly, I realize not all of me made it into the car before slamming the door. (Nothing like self-inflicted whiplash, OUCH.) Twice already this year I’ve found myself sheepishly admitting to my chiropractor that the reason my neck is out of alignment is because I basically tried to rip my own head off hopping into the car too fast.

2. The hell that is leaving the house without a hair elastic. I may as well have forgotten pants or a shirt or my house keys. I am totally stuffed.

3. Trying to convince yourself that hair elastic on your wrist looks kind of chic. I mean, it’s, like, silver, so it’s kind of like a stretchy bracelet with gross pieces of hair stuck in it?

4. Spitting on my own hair when I’m brushing my teeth. It’s not the brightest move, but hey, sometimes it just happens. (See also: When my hair falls in my cereal in the morning.)

5. Zipping my hair into a jacket zipper.
It’s like the physical equivalent of a guy catching his man parts in a zipper, especially when I’ve already debated between the lesser of two evils: “hair in the jacket and scratching my neck” or “hair out of the jacket and being wind blown.” Not fair.

6. When a guy is sexily running his fingers through your hair and you’re panicking because you know he’s going to hit a tangle. I’m not an animal! That’s just what happens to long-haired peeeeoopple!

7. Your necklace is no longer a necklace.                                                                                                                        It is a necklace with hair caught in it like a fly in a web.

8. The amount of shampoo and conditioner you go through is enough to make you buy in bulk. Once a week. There is something about buying bulk shampoo that makes me feel like I’m a large horse who can’t get its shit together.

9. If you sleep with it down, you will be choked to death in your sleep.                                                            So I have to pull it back every night like an 1800’s bride and even then I still wake up with a knotted mass that looks like someone fought me in my sleep.

10. Finding your hair everywhere. My whole apartment is basically just a place for me to keep all the hair that falls out of my head.

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