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How To Make Hat Hair Work For You / 8 Inspiring Looks

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Embrace Hat Hair This Winter With Styles That Are Simple, Surprising And Far From An Afterthought.

I love hats but I also love my hair and usually when you put a hat on you do so at the expense of your hair. Why spend all that time in front of the mirror styling your hair only to put a hat on and spoil it. Bottom line is it’s cold outside and a hat is something you can’t go without or you will freeze.  My hat became my focal point, my fashion accessory instead of a hindrance. I decided to treat my hat with the respect it deserved and looked at ways to make my hair compliment my hat. Along the way I even found tricks that helped lessen the effects of hat hair. I now live in harmony with my hat and have learnt that hat hair can be a thing of the past. With a few tricks and products tucked up my sleeve I can now take my hat off without the fear of hat hair looming over my head.

The Perfect Hairstyles To Wear With Every Hat.

1. Classic Beanie: Beachy Waves

You can still rock Beachy Waves in the middle of Winter .

Tip: To keep your waves fresh make sure you pack a travel size texture spray in your bag. Goodbye hat Hair.

beach waves

2.Wide Brim Hat- Loose Natural Waves

If you have naturally wavy hair then a wide brim hat is perfect for you. Most wavy hair starts off straight at the roots and gradually gets curly towards the end. The hat sits on the straight part of your hair therefore leaving your curls alone.

Tip: Use a volumizing spray/product to keep the top from going too flat.

wide brim hat

3. Loose Knit Hat-Side Swept Bangs

If you have bangs sweep them to the side and put a loose knit beanie on.

Tip: There is a trick to keeping your beanie in place, Bobby Pins. Pop a few in the sides and even wind won’t get this baby off.

side swept bangs

4. Furry Hat: Voluminous Waves.

It’s a glamorous look that works best with big waves. Perfect for a night out.

Tip: To keep your curls from going flat I would recommend starting with tighter curls than you would normally go for. Wrap your hair around a barrel and then pin to your head. lightly spray with a holding spray.

loose curls

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