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How To Wake Up With Perfect Hair.

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Bedtime Beauty Tricks For Perfect Morning Hair.

Waking Up With Perfect Hair is somewhat of a dream for us mere mortals but there are experts out there that say with a little night before preparation it is totally doable. When it comes to bedtime I don’t put a lot of thought into anything other than getting my makeup off and getting horizontal but if you are trying to cut down on the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning here are a few things you should start doing.

  1. Ditch your elastic bands for hair scrunchies
  2. Say goodbye to your cotton pillow case and start using a silk pillowcase.

Next take the time to do your hair the night before. Start with blow drying your hair. Use a good quality hairdryer, some hairdryers can leave your hair damaged and frizzy; not exactly what you set out to achieve when doing your blowout and that’s where a good quality hairdryer is worth it’s value.

Once you have done that these bedtime beauty tricks will help you to being morning fabulous.


If you have short hair you will probably really relate to this. To stop your hair from going all over the place go to bed with a beanie on, making sure you cover your bangs if you have them. If a beanie is not your thing then go for either a bandanna or a hair wrap.



For longer hair and a tousled look section your hair into 3 and do a loose braid. For this particular look the hair can be damp and if your feeling quite lazy you can skip the hair dryer and just add product. A tip for this is to remember that the tighter the braid the tighter the curl will be.


french twist

If your after some more volume through your hair then the french twist is perfect. Simply grab your hair and twist it up and tuck the ends under before securing it with bobby pins. This is super quick and you wake up with more bounce and volume through your hair.


loose pony

The pony is also a good way to add more volume through the roots. Gather your hair like you would for a pony tail and gently tie with a hair band. Allow hair to to be loose in this pony and especially up through the crown. If your hair doesn’t sit high enough, almost bouffant like, secure it with some bobby pins.

These tips are a great way to wake up and shake your head and be out the door, gorgeous as always.

For a video tutorial on exactly how these tips are done click”NEXT” or go to Page 2.

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